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Online Girls Connect support group - for parent/carers of girls with autism spectrum conditions NOVEMBER 2022

Run by Jennifer, Chair of Skylarks
Girls Connect support group - for parent/carers of girls with autism spectrum conditions or on the social communication pathway or who may be on the spectrum.

Our Girls Connect group meets either at our sessions at the Crossways Centre on occasional Friday mornings or online via Zoom. We have found that offering these sessions via Zoom works for many parents, so we will continue with this.


We are delighted to welcome Suzan Issa as our guest speaker who will talk about  "Isn’t she a ‘good’ girl!? Why autistic girls are so misunderstood."

Here is some information she has shared with us:

I am Suzan Issa, I am based in the UK, and one of the wild children, diagnosed at 40 as Autistic with a heavy sprinkling of PDA and hefty dose of ADHD to complete the potion. School stopped being an option for me at 11, I was angry and afraid, but most of all, utterly exhausted by it. Self taught and wandering through the next 30 years, I became a teacher, specialist headteacher, SENCO … but just like 11 year old me; I always felt like I was on the wrong side of the argument, I just didn’t quite fit in… until one day, once again, being in school was no longer possible for me. I now work alongside families to navigate the journey of discovering and understanding their child’s neurotype… finding ways together to ensure that every member of the network around the child feels understood and empowered to create a harmonious home.

Girls Connect Background
This group aims to support parents of GIRLS with autism and operates in conjunction with our NAS coffee events which are for parent/carers of all children and young people with autism. Girls who have autism often manifest the condition very differently from boys. They may "mask" it and therefore be later diagnosed than boys.

This support group has been set up so that parent/carers of girls can share experiences, ideas, support and strategies.

Girls Connect is an information sharing forum for parents of girls and women who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder and who live primarily, but not exclusively, in the South West London area. The group is also open to older girls / young women with ASD.

The forum was founded in June 2015 with the aim of using the network to share resources, information, events and services that are relevant to girls on the spectrum, as well as provide support to their parents and carers. To date Girls Connect has been running monthly coffee mornings across South West London, including during Skylarks sessions on Friday mornings. There is also an invitation-only Facebook page for sharing information.

If you are interested in joining the group, you can search for the group, Southwest London Girls Connect on Facebook and request admittance or email


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