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Our Sponsors


We are enormously grateful to receive grants from our funders. We thank them all for their continued commitment to supporting the children and families of Skylarks.

Thank you!

Haymarket Media Group has supported Skylarks since 2018. Their dedicated service, pro bono work, continuous fundraising and enthusiasm for a new adventure have already had a huge impact on our organisation and we thank them for their ongoing support:

Richmond Parish Lands Charity has supported Skylarks since 2013. They have enabled us to run our SEN advocacy service, improve our digital and IT infrastructure and support core salary costs. We are delighted to be one of their Regularly Funded Organisations (RFO):

Hampton Fund (formerly Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity) has supported Skylarks since 2014. Their grant enables us to employ a part-time staff member to run the administration and development of the charity:

Inspire Hounslow is a new funder for Skylarks supporting our work in Hounslow, which is due to start in 2024. Inspire Hounslow is supporting the set up of our new operational centre on Innswood Road and the delivery of activities and services from the centre:

The Tommy Hollis Children's Fund has supported Skylarks since 2016. They have enabled us to run our cookery and hydrotherapy sessions.

The Childhood Trust has supported Skylarks since 2018. They have been our Champion Funder during our online fundraising campaigns via The Big Give which has enabled us to continue building on our programme of activities:

Morrisons Foundation is supporting our new centre at Hounslow by providing funding to source toys and equipment to support families in Hounslow with children with addtional needs:

Global's Make Some Noise is the charitable arm of the radio stations owned by Global (Capital, Heart and LBC among others). Global’s Make Some Noise has supported Skylarks since 2019 enabling us to employ additional staff to support new programming such as such as Developmental Yoga, Hippo-therapy and holiday activities. You can watch Skylarks being shown during The Summertime Ball 2019 here.

The Gosling Foundation is kindly supporting our Spread Your Wings programme, which provides valuable careers guidance and advice for young people with additional needs and their parents to enable the young people to explore possible future career paths and make plans towards moving in to their chosen careers. It also enables parents/carers to be advocates for the young people, and support them in their goals:

Would you like to become a Skylarks Funder?

There are many ways and opportunities to get involved and become a funder. For more information about working with us to support our charity, please email