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School Support

It takes a community to raise a child but when they have extra needs it’s even more vital that they’re understood and given their full opportunity to thrive. The warmth of giving can start from a young age. 

“There’s nothing like one group of children helping another group of children”
Sally Phillips. 

Skylarks’ partnership with primary and secondary schools has been incredibly rewarding, not just with donations but joint support as we grow enabling understanding of differences to promote diversity and inclusion. 

Skylarks have been so fortunate to have many partnerships over an academic year or three! Relationships solidify and move deeper and often parents seek Skylarks' advice when they discover or intuitively feel their child might need extra assistance. 

On top of the classic bake sales, sponsored walks/runs how about trying something unusual or new: 

  • hold your own summer camp-out, 
  • a jump-a-thon on a bouncy castle, 
  • art exhibition creating your own Superheroes. 
  • pupils v teacher games matches…

It’s all about having fun whilst knowing that each pupil will be giving peers the chance and opportunity to live their best life. 

Thank you so much to all schools who have committed to help us in the past and to our current partner schools: 
  • Falcons Prep Boys 
  • Unicorn School 
  • Old Vicarage Girls 

“Without Skylarks in my life I wouldn’t know what Mum and I would do”. Rosie aged 14 years and a longtime member. 

Please get in touch with to learn more and she will be happy to do an online or in person presentation for an assembly showing the benefits of philanthropy and giving in an education setting.