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Singing Hands

Skylarks are proud to have the amazing Singing Hands as our Ambassadors. Tracy and Suzanne met at Skylarks (then called Me too & Co) in the very early days when the charity was just forming. Having their own very young special children then they were introduced to each other and invited to sing and sign to help those attending with communication. 

Back then there was no YouTube and no Mr Tumble to learn from! That’s how Singing Hands was created and now they and their team are helping thousands to sing and sign - right here at Skylarks, on TV, at concerts and all over the UK and the globe via social media. 

Singing Hands still attend our sessions regularly, teaching our children to communicate. You can find out when they will next be flying by here.

"Tracy and I met at Skylarks (Me too & Co) in 2000 where we were asked to sing and sign together as we were both learning to sign at the time. We just found songs we enjoyed and added signs to them to share with the other families. We became Singing Hands when our children were leaving to start nursery and we realised we needed to go out and teach everyone to sign and to promote inclusion of our children."

Find out more about Singing Hands on the link below