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About us

About Skylarks

Skylarks provides a supportive and active community for children with disabilities and additional needs. We care for the whole family, providing opportunities to join in, develop and feel empowered. We want to remove the isolation that can be created for families and their children who have a disability or additional needs.

We were founded as Me too & Co by a group of volunteers led by Anne-Marie Asgari in 2006 to fill a gap in the local community where there was a lack of support. Over the years we have grown organically and our mission is now to provide a one-stop shop providing therapies and creative activities for children and practical and emotional support for parents and carers. In April 2019 we rebranded and have officially changed our name to Skylarks.
We are based in Richmond-upon-Thames, but have an open door policy. Anyone, from anywhere, is welcome! Families come to us from many locations because of the unique way we provide the 360 degree support we do; supporting children and parents/carers at the same time, under one roof. We provide most services free of charge, or for a small donation.

We now support over 600 families, and the list is growing! Over the last 10 years we have held our sessions every Tuesday and Friday during term time where the activities and therapies on offer have grown and grown. During the last decade we have expanded from at first providing inclusive play sessions, to now offering a wide range of therapies and services that are often otherwise inaccessible to families. These include services such as hydrotherapy, inclusive activities like drama and karate, and free legal advice for Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Our independence as a charity means we are able to develop our programme in line with the needs of our families; something that has always been and remains important to us.

Our aims

  • We aim to reach out to and support all children with any disability and additional need (short or long term) and reduce the impact that this can have on accessing activities and their wider life experiences.

  • We aim to remove the exclusion that can develop from being unable to access mainstream nurseries, playgroups and classes due to a lack of understanding, facilities or knowledge.

  • We aim to offer support to the whole family. Siblings of children with disabilities and additional needs are provided with an environment where they can join in activities with their siblings, as well as accessing provision to help with emotional support and feelings of difference. Parents and carers are provided with therapy, advice, information and services to empower them as advocates for their children and to improve their quality of life. We support them throughout their journey, whether pre or post diagnosis, or if there is no diagnosis, or at any time.

  • We aim to include everyone, and exclude no one, dealing with any type of concern stemming from the disability and additional needs of their children.