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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Madissa Asgari. As the daughter of Skylarks’ charity founder, Anne-Marie Asgari, we would like to honour Madissa’s life by paying tribute to the difference she has made in her life. Our Tribute

Girls Connect support group - for parent/carers of girls with autism spectrum conditions

Girls Connect support group - for parent/carers of girls with autism spectrum conditions or on the social communication pathway.

Our Girls Connect group usually meets at our sessions at the Crossways Centre on occasional Friday mornings, but have moved online currently.

They are now holding coffee mornings by Zoom.

The next gathering is on Friday 6th November from 10am to 11am by Zoom. Please book in advance to be sent the Zoom link.

The guest speaker on this occasion will be:

Sarah Wild
Limpsfield Grange School

Limpsfield Grange is an independent special residential and day school for girls aged 11 -16 with communication and interaction difficulties, ASD and Aspergers.

Sarah Wild 

I am the Headteacher of Limpsfield Grange an outstanding school for girls aged 11 - 16 with communication and interaction difficulties including autism. 
Over the past 8 years alongside members of the Limpsfield Grange team I have dedicated time to raising awareness of female autism nationally. Limpsfield Grange School was the subject of the ITV documentary “Girls with Autism” and students of the school have written two novels M in the Middle and M is for Autism with the author Vicky Martin. I was also a contributor to the publications Girls and Autism and Education and Girls on the Autism Spectrum.  Limpsfield Grange School has been featured by Channel 4 news and the Sunday Times Magazine.

Students from Limpsfield Grange speak nationally about female autism, and have addressed politicians in the House of Lords regarding female autism and the need to improve services for autistic women and girls.  I am a founding member of the Autism and Girls Forum.

This group aims to support parents of GIRLS with autism and operates in conjunction with our NAS coffee events which are for parent/carers of all children and young people with autism.

Girls who have autism often manifest the condition very differently from boys. They may "mask" it and therefore be later diagnosed than boys.

This support group has been set up so that parent/carers of girls can share experiences, ideas, support and strategies.

Girls Connect is an information sharing forum for parents of girls and women who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder and who live primarily, but not exclusively, in the South West London area. The group is also open to older girls / young women with ASD.

The forum was founded in June 2015 with the aim of using the network to share resources, information, events and services that are relevant to girls on the spectrum, as well as provide support to their parents and carers. To date Girls Connect has been running monthly coffee mornings across South West London, including during Skylarks sessions on Friday mornings. There is also an invitation-only Facebook page for sharing information.

If anyone is interested in joining the group, they should search for the group, Southwest London Girls Connect on Facebook and request admittance.

Events coming up

  • In 1 week, 2 days

  • Friday 6th Nov 2020 10:00 am - 11:00 am