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Phone calls

During the closure and lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we know that many families of children with SEND feel alone. Many activities and services that are usually available have been closed or cut back. Schools may be closed. Lessons online may be difficult to access. Many holiday activities and Short Breaks aren't happening. Respite care may not be available.

We are keeping in touch with many of our families, particularly those we know may be vulnerable or struggling, with regular telephone calls.

However, we know that it is possible that some families may have "slipped through the net".

So if you are feeling overwhelmed or isolated, or just need a catch up with a friendly Skylark-er, please let us know by signing up here.

We will phone you and then agree with you if you need regular phone calls or if we can link you up to any other services.

Please note these phone calls are not limited to Fridays - we can call you on any day of the week that suits you!

Please do not feel hesitant about asking for help!

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