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Skydive 2024

Larking about in the sky - skydive

If you’re the adrenaline pumping kind of person, or know someone who is, then sign up, or give them a gift voucher they'll always remember, a Sky Dive on our tried and tested tandem experience. 

In 2022 we had a dozen such fearless fundraisers (including our very own MD Aaron) jump from 10,000 feet to freefall up to 125 mph, with your trusted and highly trained instructor right behind, for about 30 seconds. When the parachute is deployed you’ll gently float down catching your breath and time to take in the views before landing 5 minutes later. A thrilling and one of a kind experience for your employees or fearless friends to do something thrilling your memory banks and for Skylarks.

Fundraising target of c£800-1000 pp depending upon weekday/weekend.

For more information contat Son: