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Setting up your Enthuse Fundraising page

Enthuse is an online giving platform. It’s easy to use and is a great way to share your story with friends and family to encourage them to give to Skylarks. The donations can be gift-aided and the donations come directly to Skylarks.

Setting up your fundraising page

Go to Skylarks fundraising page on Enthuse:

Select the ‘Fundraise for us’ button in the top right corner.

Either log into Enthuse (if you haven’t already) or set up an account.

You’ll be asked what type of fundraiser you want to set up, either:
  • Personal challenge – at the next page you’ll be asked for the name, type and date of the event.
  • Memorial page – at the next page you’ll be asked for the name of the person you are commemorating 
  • Celebrating and occasion – at the next page you’ll be asked the name of the occasion and the type. 
  • Taking part in an existing event – at the next page, you’ll be given a list of events to choose from.

Then just follow the instructions, for whichever option you chose, and set up your page.

Be a star fundraiser!

There are quick and easy ways to increase the amount you fundraise through the JustGiving platform, and we’ve included them here to give you the best start.
Update your JustGiving profile with a photo of you so that people can feel sure they are supporting you.

Update your page with photos that relate to your event or story.

Set a target! Your friends and family want you to succeed, so by setting a target, they will want to help you reach it.

Edit the story so that it says a bit about you, the reason you are fundraising for Skylarks and a bit about what you are doing to fundraise. People relate to stories so they are more likely to give (and give more) if they can connect with what you tell them.

Post on social media regularly. We can't emphasise how important this is for helping you to reach and beat your target. The more you post, the more you will raise. You may even find that donations will come from some surprising places.

When someone donates to your page, give them a message or a call to say thank you. A new donation is also a great excuse to post on social media to update your contacts with how your fundraising is going. And after the event, let everyone know your grand total and give your supporters a last chance to support you!

Help from Enthuse

Enthuse has helpfully provided information and advice for frequently asked questions, which can be found here: