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Courses and Support for Parent Carers

April 13, 2022

Autistic Girls Network



Appeer supports Autistic and Neurodiverse Girls and their Parent/Carers

Appeer is a community interest company operating to benefit autistic girls and women. They deliver online and in-person sessions in Surrey for both the girls and their parents/carers. Find out more here: 

Courses for Richmond parents from Achieving for Children:

1-2-3 Magic for parents and carers of children aged 2-12 years with a diagnosis of ASD or who are on pathway to diagnosis or who display challenging behaviour.
Cygnet for parents and carers of children aged 8-16 years with a diagnosis of ASD.
To express an interest in attending and be put on the waiting list, please contact:
 Early Bird for parents and carers of children pre school age with social and communication difficulties
Early Bird Plus for parents and carers of children aged 4-9 years with a diagnosis of ASD. 
These groups are coordinated by Beth Hitchens and parents and carers would need to contact Beth on 0208 547 6698 or

NVR Practitioners Consortium

Non Violent Resistance (NVR) courses

Offered by NVR Practitioners Consortium CIC 

Are you struggling to manage your child/young person’s aggressive, violent, controlling or self-destructive behaviour?

The Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) Parenting Programme has helped thousands of families to change their lives. Parents report increased confidence in their parenting, a greater sense of agency and improved relationships within the family. NVR has proved effective with neuro-atypical children/young people, and those with other diagnoses. It has been implemented in a wide range of family situations, including violence, drug/alcohol misuse, verbal abuse, self-harm, oppositional behaviour and eating disorders. NVR can be used with children from around 5 years old, right up to adulthood. 

SEN Talk Wandsworth

SEN Talk Wandsworth has a variety of speakers: and a wide range of activities:

Hounslow Parent Carer Forum: UPCOMING FORUM DATES

Find out more here:

Hounslow families: 123 Magic is a parenting/behaviour management programme for parents and carers of children aged 2-12 who have been diagnosed with ADHD or who display challenging behaviour. It is a 5 week programme.


Have you heard about RUILS? Here are all the services they offer

Express CIC

Express CIC in Tolworth offer many activities for children and young people with autism and their parents. 


  • 1:1 dramatherapy at our studio or an outside setting 
  • 2:1 dramatherapy at our studio 
  • 1:1 connect sessions via zoom with our therapists 
  • Express Yourself Group 
  • Express Teens Group
  • Girls Group 
  • SIBs Group 
  • Drama Club 
  • BUDs Group for pre-school children on the autistic spectrum 
  • Counselling service for parents/carers of children with additional needs 
  • Counselling service for 12+ young people on the autistic spectrum 
  • EHCP Support and Guidance 
  • Peer support groups via Zoom and on WhatsApp 
  • Mums Group and PDA Group 
  • Dads Group will resume soon... 
Events, Training and more.   Find out more and book here

Richmond AID

Buddy Up scheme: Outings and activities for young disabled people aged 14 - 17, living in Kingston or Richmond Boroughs with an EHCP. For more information please contact:  

Online workshops from Contact: 'Brighter Beginnings'

Brighter Beginnings is for parents at the beginning of their journey.
Through a series of workshops, Contact support families to tackle some of the unique challenges they might face in the early years. The free workshop topics include:
Early Years Education
Encouraging positive behaviour
Speech and Language
Handling meetings
Support for children with anxiety
Toilet training 

For dates and booking, please see the flyer by clicking here


Blue Sky Autism Project, an early intervention service providing individualised programmes of therapy to children aged from 6-months old experiencing developmental delays, including autism. Our therapy model is based upon Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Intervention approaches; including our own Play2Talk model, alongside the well researched Pivotal Response Therapy, the Early Start Denver Model and DIR Floortime.
We are currently running social skills groups for children who have or are showing red flags for a developmental delay, focusing upon supporting children to learn to communicate, interact and play with their peers. For more information, please email us at

Counselling for parent-carers is availble from Express CIC at low cost. For more information please email: 


Richmond Borough Mind

Ealing Mencap

Ealing Mencap travel training, also for Hounslow residents
Learn about travelling safely on the bus through this fun and interactive Bus Day, 7 March 2023.

South West London Law Centres

South West London Law Centres runs webinars on various topics of interest to parent-carers. These are open to families in any south-west London borough.
Carers and Benefits.
This webinar covers the different benefits available for carers, things to consider before making a claim and any potential problems with a claim. It also gives an overview of the other discounts, deals and services available for those who are carers, as well as looking at carers who are working, on furlough or not working.  

Emotional Health Resources from Achieving for Children

Online self-help resources video workshops, helplines, online counselling and information leaflets. To help children, young people and their families with their emotional wellbeing. It provides information (listed by theme) as well as interactive resources such as webinars, and signposts to places to access services: Staying well during pandemic, Explaining coronavirus, Returning to school or college, Stress, worry and anxiety, Bereavement and loss

Mobile: Carers' guide to planning an accessible staycation. Read here

Fair Shot Cafe: new cafe near Bond Street station, which is staffed by young people with learning disabilities.


Find out more and book here:

Richmond Carers Centre

Richmond Carers Centre: Counselling for carers Our counselling sessions are being delivered remotely, email to join the waiting list.

Richmond Borough Mind - Carers in Mind project

Richmond Borough Mind has started supporting parent/guardian carers whose children/teens are struggling with their mental health. 
They are offering one to one support and guidance to parents, by phone or video call, or in some cases face to face. This service is for families with a connection to Richmond (who live, work, study or have a GP in Richmond).

They are offering 3 workshops aimed at parent carers whose children are struggling with their mental health. These workshops are open to parents from any borough although some of the information may be more relevant to Richmond families. 

Mobilise Moments 

Mobilise Moments the UK's first free, daily carers' survey. It takes just a few minutes, and allows you to explore how you and other unpaid carers are experiencing life. 

Too little is understood about the lives of people looking after someone. By contributing, we’ll be lifting the lid on our collective experience and making a difference.

Insights gathered from Mobilise Moments, will be shared (anonymously) with local and central government, political parties, the NHS and other carer support organisations. An incredible opportunity to feed in real-time data about carers' lives.

Find out more and sign up here:

ADHD Embrace (formerly ADHD Richmond & Kingston)

ADHD Embrace

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21&CO for children with DOWN SYNDROME

SEN Talk Wandsworth

Previous talks:

If you would like to catch up for our previous talks here at Sen Talk, follow the link to our YouTube page and be sure to click subscribe so you don't miss out. We will be sharing plenty more in the New Year!