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Cause Related Marketing and Commercial Partnerships

Skylarks is a respected and loved name in our communities. We are aware that partnering with us and using the Skylarks name in cause-related marketing can be beneficial to companies who wish to partner with us for mutual benefit.

We do receive many requests from businesses, big and small, to arrange a commercial partnership and although we consider every request, there are many we cannot accommodate as our resources are limited. Where it’s not possible, we do still encourage you to fundraise for Skylarks and we’ve put together an online fundraising kit which you’ll hopefully find useful.  

For those where there is scope to set up a commercial partnership, before we enter into any kind of formal agreement, we need to assess any reputational risk to our name, as one of our most valuable assets.

What does Skylarks consider a commercial partnership?

We consider a commercial partnership to be an agreement between Skylarks and a commercial company whereby we enter into a formal agreement to raise funds or raise our profile.

Typically, this will allow your company to use the name and logo of Skylarks to promote your own products or services. In return, we receive a proportion of the income from those products, generated from the promotion of those products in association with our name.

How do you become a commercial partner?

We have a chat about what it is you want to do, how you propose to use our brand and the commercial and added value of the proposal.
We go through a sign-off process to assess the partnership. We may have more questions at this point, and discuss any reputational risks involved. We will refer to our Acceptance of Donations Policy to assess all proposals for commercial partnerships.

If we agree to move forward on the partnership, we will need you to sign a Commercial Partnerships Agreement (CPA). If we decide not to go forward with the partnership, we will advise you of how we reached the decision and how you can still support us.

After signing the CPA, we meet again to discuss:
·       forming ideas
·       marketing and what is needed in terms of content
·       Skylarks staff involvement
·       branding and PR from both sides, putting in place a marketing plan on an agreed level of activity related to the value of the partnership.

It will then be all systems go, and we’ll work with you as much as possible to help make the most of the partnership.

Next Steps

To explore this further, without obligation, please contact our team by emailing