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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Madissa Asgari. As the daughter of Skylarks’ charity founder, Anne-Marie Asgari, we would like to honour Madissa’s life by paying tribute to the difference she has made in her life. Our Tribute


Run by Melinda Latanowski Stefan Latanowski

Our two holistic practitioners, Stefan and Melinda Latanowski, offer a range of yoga, yogi dance and massage therapies at their studio space in Ham.
Stefan and Melinda regularly work with our children, offering 1:1 developmental yoga classes at our sessions on Friday mornings and our hydrotherapy on Sunday lunchtimes. They are now offering us some days in the holidays so that those children who cannot make use of their regular offerings will be able to experience their therapies.
Stefan is a qualified paediatric physiotherapist, yoga teacher and holistic healing practitioner, with certificates in Reiki and a variety of holistic massage approaches, among others.
Melinda is a qualified yoga teacher, dance teacher and holistic healing practitioner, with certificates in Reiki and holistic massage approaches.
Please see their website for full details:

We are offering a choice of treatments for children and parents which can take place at the same time at opposite ends of the same room. Parents can either join in with their child or have their own separate activity, such as a massage!
Option A:
1:2 Yoga with Stefan and Melinda for one child with complex needs, with parent present
Option B:
1:1 Yoga for child with Stefan, while parents has massage or does yoga with Melinda
Option C:
1:1 Yogi Dance or Yoga for child with high functioning needs with Melinda, while parent has massage or does yoga with Stefan

Option D:

2:2 Yoga with Stefan and Melinda. Two children with additional needs or one child + parent/sibling/friend who all take part in yoga together.

Booking: Please enter A, B, C or D into the Notes section of your booking to indicate which option you would like.  
All treatments and sessions will be held simultaneously for one hour each. Parents/carers will remain on site and take part in their child’s yoga session or receive a treatment of their own in the same room. Parents remain responsible for their children at all times.

The time slots have changed slightly to allow for more time cleaning between clients due to Coronavirus. These are now:

09:30 - 10:30 am
11:00 - 12:00
13:30 - 14:30 pm
15:00 - 16:00 pm
16:30 - 17:30 pm

Cost: We suggest a £10 payment per session, which can be made at the time of booking, by clicking on this link, which takes you to our page where you can pay either by Paypal or by bank transfer. 

You can also make a bank transfer to:

CAF Bank
Sort code: 40-52-40
Account number: 00029487
Name: Skylarks Charity

Please note: you need both to BOOK and PAY for the session as 2 separate steps online.

Where: at Stefan and Melinda’s space in Ham, Richmond. Full details will be given on confirmation of your booking. Please note, this location is most easily accessible by car and there is free on street parking. Bus numbers 65 or 371 stops about 10 minutes’ walk from the house.
Access: the yoga studio is fully accessible for manual wheelchairs (electric wheelchairs will require a portable ramp to be provided by the family). Toilet facilities are on the ground floor but are not wheelchair accessible.
Who: All children with any additional needs are welcome to attend, plus parents and one sibling.
How: At the moment we are limiting bookings to one session per family per holiday. If space is available a few days after bookings open, we will offer families the chance to book a second session.
Parents and children are asked to wear loose, non-restrictive clothing such as leggings or jogging trousers, no skirts for girls, and to remove shoes and socks.
When your place is confirmed, Stefan will contact you via email and arrange a telephone call to discuss your child’s needs further if required, to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Should you require assistance in choosing which option is most appropriate then please contact
Stefan on
Stefan and Melinda’s holistic approach creates a comfortable and calm space in which children can explore their full potential. The sessions promote the development of concentration and self-empowerment, while addressing any physical, mental and emotional imbalances. The goal throughout is for each child to experience a sense of true peace and relaxation while establishing a strong connection with their heart. Stefan also strives to educate parents on techniques that they can use at home while also giving them the opportunity for a moment of rest themselves.
A combination of any of the following are integrated into the sessions with whatever necessary adjustments made according to the child's presentation:

Breathing exercises
Sound exercises
Sensory exercises
Physical exercises
Guided meditation & mindfulness exercises
Exploring emotions
Inversion healing
Relaxation techniques
Reiki with crystal healing

To book a place, please indicate which time slot you would like and which option (A, B, C or D).

Please note there are 2 stages to complete: the booking and the payment process which are done separately. If payment is made without a booking being completed, this unfortunately does not guarantee you a place.

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