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Online Marvellous Me course for ages 3 & a half - 6 year olds run by Role Models

Run by Role Models


Explore how to grow ideas and think creatively. Building confidence in sharing ideas with others.
This course is for young people with additional needs aged 3 - 5


The course runs for 4 days in Half `Term from Monday 29th May - Thursday 2nd June


The course covers subjects such as The Power of Friendship, learning to keep trying even when you feel like giving up, feeling brave when we're apart, and learning how to celebrate your 'one of a kind' special strengths

For full details of the course content, here is a link to the Marvellous Me course:

These fun and interactive sessions are led by one of Role Models experienced and energetic Role Models. The session includes confidence building games, a story and lots of fun along the way.

FOR 3 & a half - 5 YEAR OLDS

It is strongly encouraged that children should attend all sessions.

The course is made up of 4 x 45 minute online sessions.

The course is free of charge but donations are welcomed.

There are places for 9 young people on each course.

The course will be delivered by a Role Model who specialises in and enjoys encouraging and motivating young people with additional needs.


  • Your young person will need a quiet space for the sessions and a computer/laptop/iPad with internet connection so that they can use zoom
  • The sessions will be interactive so they will need to be seen (using the computer camera/webcam) and heard (using the computer microphone or headset)
  • They will need a pen/pencil and paper during the sessions
  • It's important the young people are relaxed and comfortable; please do help them get set up for the first session and be on hand for any technical difficulties
  • Following that, we find these sessions work best when the young people are given the independence to complete them alone rather than having other people watching in the same room. However we ask parents to stay nearby as necessary
  • The content of the sessions will include discussion, games, watching videos and sharing thoughts and ideas with the group. The students will at times be encouraged to type using the keyboard and to answer verbally

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