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Skylarks are OPEN! We continue to operate in a Covid safe manner and attendance is strictly bookings only. We will not be offering Friday morning sessions for the time being. Online service will continue to be avaliable.

Online technology course for children with additional needs - Making Games with Roblox

Run by Fire Tech
We are pleased to offer a new online course in technology for Skylarks children with additional needs. These courses may be particularly suitable for children with high functioning autism or Aspergers. They are open to all children with any additional needs from any borough who would enjoy learning more about technology and are able to use a computer or laptop at home.
This course is based on the amazingly popular Roblox platform, and introduces budding young designers and developers to the principles of practical game design & development, world building and Lua programming.
By the end of the course they will have created their own unique Roblox games and published them to the Internet for anyone to play.
The course will take place by Zoom. These courses are being provided for us by Fire Tech, who are registered with OFSTED. All tutors are DBS checked and sessions are recorded for safeguarding purposes. You can read more about the organisation here:
Course: Making Games with Roblox, suitable for children from 9 to 12 years old
Course provider: Fire Tech
This course will take place during the summer term, from Wednesday 21st April to Wednesday 19th May, from 4pm to 5.30pm every Wednesday. 
There are 5 sessions in total.
Please note: this is a 5 day course and your child needs to be able to attend all 5 sessions. If your child cannot attend all 5 sessions, please do not book them in but wait until we are running another course.
There is a limited number of places on this course, so if it is full, you can put your child's name on the waiting list. We will be running more courses again.
After booking with Skylarks, parents will be sent a link to register with Fire Tech. This is your opportunity to let Fire Tech know about their child’s additional needs and any adaptations that may help your child. A phone call can be arranged with Fire Tech if necessary. All Fire Tech trainers are aware of our children’s needs and have been asked to deliver the course at a slower pace, to repeat instructions as required and to provide written materials in advance where possible.
Parents will receive an invitation to log into a virtual classroom a few days before the course starts. The setup information will be already posted in the classroom when you login for the first time. The Zoom link to the first session will be posted a few hours before the first session.
Course description:
Students will first be introduced to Roblox and to Roblox Studio as a platform for creating games. They will build an obstacle course (Obby) game and publish their game for others to play. Next, students will meet programming concepts using Lua, creating custom interactive obstacles for their Obby game.
Using Roblox terrain editor tools, students will then build a basic RPG where they can explore a custom built world and harvest the items they have created.
Students will now create a racing game where they will design and code custom cars that they can use to race against their friends. With this experience, they are free to experiment and publish new additions to their games and have a showcase where they can play each other’s final games.
 Here is a video of a group presenting their work:
You will need a laptop with videocam. One from the last 5 years is usually fine, but you can read more about the set up requirements here:
You will need to agree with our safeguarding procedures. These are:
I understand that I must be present in the room with my child during all Skylarks live online sessions
I understand that my child/ren must be fully dressed and that I must not record, photograph or video any Skylarks live online sessions
I understand that I must not share any Zoom passwords
I will report any safeguarding or welfare concerns to Skylarks staff or to the appropriate authorities

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