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Online Training for parents in sleep - how can you help your child sleep better?

Run by Scope
For parents of children aged 7-11 with additional needs.

Many of our families have issues with sleep.

How can we get our child with additional needs to go to sleep easily and to sleep through the night?

These issues leave us feeling drained and exhausted.

The national charity Scope runs a programme called Sleep Right which aims to enable parents to have the right tools to help their child sleep better.

Support to improve your child's sleep

Sleep Right will help you put tools and techniques in place to help your child:

  • feel calm and relaxed at bedtime
  • fall asleep quicker
  • wake up less during in the night
  • get the sleep they need

The service offers:

  • support from a sleep practitioner, experienced in working with disabled children
  • practical advice and suggestions
We are offering a series of 4 workshops by Zoom. This will take place on Mondays from 10.30am to 12.30pm. This course is aimed at parents of children aged between 7 and 11 with any additional needs.

The 4 separate workshops will cover:

  • relaxation and anxiety
  • sensory issues
  • positive behaviour and boundaries

Specific issues such as anxiety, nightmares, use of Melantonin, bedwetting, tapping and fragmented sleep will also be discussed.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend all 4 workshops.

The number of participants on this course is limited, but we will run this course again.

Once you have expressed an interest in this course here, you will be sent a link to register with Scope. Please note your place is not guaranteed until you have completed the form from Scope. You will also be sent a pre-course survey and a video to watch before the first session. You will also be expected to complete a feedback questionnaire.

After the course, if you wish to continue using the services of Sleep Right London, you can have a sleep assessment and support with an individual programme. This will also be free of charge.

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