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Horses: Wellies and Well-being for Siblings (age 8-16)

Run by Park Lane Stables
We are pleased to offer Wellies and Wellbeing sessions for siblings of children with additional needs at Park Lane Stables.

Please note that these days are not for the children with additional needs themselves - they are just for the brothers and sisters, so that they can have some respite and a special activity with other siblings. We are offering  other activities for children with additional needs.

These sessions are for children aged 8 to 16 years who do NOT have additional needs, but are the brothers and sisters of children with additional needs and disabilitties.

The activities they take part in will include riding as well as stable yard duties such as grooming, feeding, filling haynets, bedding and lots of pony loving.

Please only book one session.

If your child took part in this activity in the half term holidays, please do not book this for the Summer holidays. There is such a lot of interest in this activity, that we need to give other families a chance to book. You can put your child's name on the waiting list and we will contact you if a space becomes available.

A waiting list will be set up when all sessions are booked.

This activity is offered free of charge but comes at significant cost to Skylarks. If you can, please make a donation. We suggest a donation of £15 for this activity.

This will take place at Park Lane Stable's new temporary venue in Petersham:

A group of 5 children will spend an hour accompanied by Park Lane Stables staff and volunteers. They will follow social distancing and Covid-19 guidelines.

The activities they take part in will include stable yard duties such as grooming, feeding, filling haynets, bedding and lots of pony loving and Riding!

Parents are asked to stay nearby.

Children need to wear clothes they do not mind getting dirty. They do not need any experience with horses but they must not be afraid of horses. Children with experience of horses are of course welcome to attend.

We need to try to make booking this popular activity as fair as possible, to allow as many children as possible to join in. So we are putting the following conditions in place:

Please do not book more than one session for your child. If you would like to book a second session, put your name on the waiting list and if there are more spaces available you will be contacted.

If you need to cancel, please give at least 48 hours notice. If you give less than 48 hours notice, you may not be able to book another session.

You will need to complete a form through Park Lane Stables before your child takes part in this activity. You will be emailed a link to this form. If you do not receive it, please check your junk mail folder.


In order for your child to take part, you will need to agree to the following statements:

I understand that being near horses is a RISK sport and holds a potential danger and that horses may react unpredictably on occasions. I understand that my child could be injured - I accept that risk.

I understand that wearing boots may reduce the severity of any injury should an accident happen. I agree that my child will always wear strong boots whilst around horses and will not be allowed to take part without these. 

I understand that instructions are given for my own safety and I/my child must therefore obey the instructions of the instructor/riding centre staff and must comply with the Health & Safety requirements of Park Lane Stables.

I understand that Park Lane Stables may refuse my request to take part for safety or operational reasons.

I understand that without my consent my child will not be eligible to take part in sessions at Park Lane Stables. 

I understand and agree to Skylarks passing on necessary personal details to the third party provider of this course

I agree with Skylarks' data protection policy

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