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Covid-19 - Important Notice: We're Back! Skylarks has reopened some face-to-face sessions. In order to protect our children and families you must pre book sessions. We are still running many of our activities live online using Zoom and producing new exciting video content to share with families for use at home.

Online Videos: Story telling with Georgie

Pull up a chair, make time to sit down and listen to these stories told dramatically by professional story teller Georgie.

The first video, 4525, is called "A piece of cake" and has a good beginning..... "Once upon a time there was a librarian called Debbie".

The second video, number 4526, is called "Monkey and mango" and is about a very nervous monkey who worries about the earth opening up. This story featuring lots of animals might help children with anxiety.

We hope you enjoy these stories.

Events coming up

  • Storytelling with Georgie - A Crumb of Cake

  • Story telling with Georgie - Monkey and Mango