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While Skylarks was not affected by Tier 2, 3 or 4 restrictions and continued to operate from the Crossway Centre in a Covid-compliant manner, we have unfortunately had to close from January 2021. We continue to offer a wide range of services online and are working to introduce more virtual activities. We will re-open for face-to-face services as soon as it is safe to do so.

Online Videos: Story telling with Georgie

Pull up a chair, make time to sit down and listen to these stories told dramatically by professional story teller Georgie.

The first video, 4525, is called "A piece of cake" and has a good beginning..... "Once upon a time there was a librarian called Debbie".

The second video, number 4526, is called "Monkey and mango" and is about a very nervous monkey who worries about the earth opening up. This story featuring lots of animals might help children with anxiety.

We hope you enjoy these stories.

Events coming up

  • Storytelling with Georgie - A Crumb of Cake

  • Story telling with Georgie - Monkey and Mango