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Covid-19 - Important Notice: Skylarks has suspended all face-to-face sessions in order to protect our children and families during the Coronavirus outbreak. However we are still here for our families. We are running many of our activities live online using Zoom. We are producing new exciting video content to share with families for use at home. We will be running some activities over the summer holidays and signposting others in our e-newsletters. We are also available to respond to queries by telephone, FaceTime or email. To register with us (either as a family or as a professional) and receive our weekly emailed newsletters, please click on the purple button which says Register in the top right hand corner of this website. You can read more about what is happening at Skylarks currently here: Online Services and Activities

Online fun with Singing Hands!

Run by Singing Hands
We are very pleased to welcome Singing Hands to sing and sign with us online during lockdown!

Singing Hands have a special place in our heart. Suzanne and Tracy met in our playroom! Back in the day when we were known as Me too & Co, Suzanne and Tracy both used to come to our play sessions with their children. Our founder, Anne-Marie, introduced them to each other saying she thought they would get on well and the rest, as they say, is history!

Since getting together, Singing Hands has gone from strength to strength. Now covering the whole country to perform in special schools and events, the original team has grown with more Makaton singers and signers including the lovely Debbie who frequently comes to our Friday morning sessions. They have brought out a range of DVD's and music, appear on television and have a big YouTube following!

We are very pleased to have Singing Hands as our Ambassadors.

Learn more about Singing Hands here:

Singing Hands use Makaton signing in all their songs. Makaton is a wonderful visual language, using movements with the hands to give meaning to and reinforce the spoken word. Based on British Sign Language used by the Deaf community, Makaton has been simplified and is now used by a wide range of people to help with communication. Many parents use baby-signing with their pre-verbal babies and Makaton has been proved to help develop language in children with Learning Difficulties. Signing is a wonderful communication tool to use with all your children and soon becomes a way of life!

One participant's mother said: "He loves the interaction of the Skylarks sessions, that they can see him and comment on what he is doing. He loves going round the house collecting the props in advance, putting them in a bag and taking them out when needed. He likes seeing people he knows; it’s like his own private performance. He seems to enjoy Singing Hands more by Zoom than in real life!"

So, put on your red T-shirt or sparkly red shoes if you can, warm up your hands and voices and be ready to have some singing and signing fun with Singing Hands!

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