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Online Videos: Cooking with Skylarks

Run by Gabi from Skylarks
We are pleased to release some cookery videos to show children how to cook some basic recipes, using ingredients often found at home.

Watch these pre-recorded videos from home at a time to suit you.

A member of Skylarks staff, Gabriella (Gabi) will show your children step-by-step how to make some delicious food that they will hopefully enjoy both making and eating.

These videos are designed to be at a slightly slower speed of delivery and with subtitles, so that they are accessible. Please pause the video at any point that you need to.

We hope your children will enjoy some cookery time with Gabi.

Video 4497 - cheesy vegetable muffins

Video 4557 - mini rainbow pizzas

Video 4558 - mini pancake bites

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  • Online Cooking with Skylarks - Mini Rainbow Pizzas

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