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Covid-19 - Important Notice: Skylarks has suspended all face-to-face sessions in order to protect our children and families during the Coronavirus outbreak. We are producing new exciting content to share with families for use at home. We are also available to respond to queries by telephone or email. You can read more about what is happening at Skylarks currently here: Online Services and Activities

Online Videos: Self Care and time for yourself and your family

Run by Lorraine
Parent-carers of children with additional needs are under more stress than other parents and to support them we regularly offer Relax and Recharge sessions, where we give the parents a little bit of special time. It is very hard to look after your children well when you are drained and all parents deserve a bit of "me time".

While we are closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we cannot be offering these therapies in person, so instead we are putting together some self-care videos for our parents to view and use. We are delighted that some of our therapists and volunteers are bringing their services online for us.

Watch these pre-recorded videos from home at a time to suit you.

Our first video, number 4472, is from Lorraine (Lori), the hairdresser who cuts our children's hair and is also a beauty therapist. Here Lori shows us how to look after our hands, particularly relevant now that we are all having to wash our hands so much and suffering from dry skin as a result. She also shows you how to shape and paint your nails.

Our second video, number 4498, is rather different. This is a tutorial from Lori to teach you how to cut your child's fringe. During lockdown we are not able to take our child out to have their hair cut and their fringe may be irritating them by getting into their eyes. Many of our children have sensory issues and don't like having their heads touched or sitting still for too long. Lorraine shows you here how to cut your the front of your child's hair so that they can see out easily and shares some of the things she has learned while cutting the hair of children with additional needs.

Our third video, number 4499, is a ponytail tutorial! The idea is that this is one is a bit of fun for you to have, either with your child who has long hair or on yourself! Lorraine shows us lots of different ways to have fun with your hairstyles and make pony tails more interesting! If you have a go with any of these, please do send us a photograph - we'd love to see you!

So, we hope you enjoy having a little bit of time to yourself or some fun with other family members!

Events coming up

  • Simple home manicure for dry hands

  • Online haircutting tutorial

  • Online Self Care - Ponytails