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While Skylarks was not affected by Tier 2, 3 or 4 restrictions and continued to operate from the Crossway Centre in a Covid-compliant manner, we have unfortunately had to close from January 2021 due to the national lockdown in line with local primary schools. We continue to offer a wide range of services online and are working to introduce more virtual activities. We will re-open for face-to-face services as soon as it is safe to do so.

Online Videos: Music Club with OKMT

Run by Edison, Otakar Kraus Music Trust
OKMT's Music Therapist, Edison, enables your child to interact with music in a fun exciting way.

Watch these pre-recorded videos from home at a time to suit you.

OK Music Club provides fun sessions for children with additional needs and their siblings. Exploring sound and movement, using the keyboards, to give the children an opportunity to experience different ways to explore their imagination and creativity. Fun group music sessions, for children aged 4 months to 12 years and above, regardless of their abilities.

These sessions are funded by BBC Children in Need.


  • To enjoy an activity with their siblings and families
  • To build positive relationships and start to interact
  • To develop an ability to listen
  • To improve focus
  • To gain confidence, and vocal sounds
  • To develop communication skills
  • They develop creativity
  • They learn to interact with others in the group
  • Their emotional well-being and confidence are improved

Join Eddie as we have fun and explore music!

Video 1: Rhythm (4457)

The children will explore different kinds of rhythms by listening to the keyboard and using their body percussions such as clapping their hands, stamping their feet, shaking their arms and hands

Video 2: Numbers and Contrast (4477)

  • Rhythms by using the number 1 2 3 4.
  • Coordination by using hands and feet
  • learning when to start and stop, and play loudly or softly

Video 3: Sounds (number 4500)

  • Listen to different kinds of sounds such as violin, flute, cello, piano and guitar
  • The children will have an opportunity to learn how we use our hands and arms to play these instruments. For example, the therapist will play the sound of the violin and invite children to demonstrate the position of their hands

Video 4: Having fun! (number 4522)

Make music with different things you can find at home (saucepans and wooden spoons etc)

To enjoy an activity with their siblings and families
To build positive relationships and learn about interaction with others
To develop an ability to listen
To improve focus
To gain confidence   
To help with communication skills
To help develop creativity

Video 5: Learning 3 Rhythms (number 4578)

There are three rhythms to be learned in this video, however if it is easier for your child, just chose to learn two rhythms.
You will need two wooden spoons and four saucepans.
Your will be learning how to play the 4 saucepans by counting and playing them in order.
This video really works on helping with coordination and counting. 

Video 6: Using your hands to make rhythms (number 4626)

Using your hands to make rhythms and beats - no drums are needed! This session will help children to work on counting and coordination, tapping the table and clapping. The music is upbeat and lots of fun.

Video 7: Music Games (number 5785)

In Musical Games you can listen and learn the notes C, D, E, F & G There are five different levels within the video and it specifically works at helping develop good listening skills.

Level one - Listen to the keys C D E F G
Level two - Listen to two Keys C & D
Level three - Listen to three Keys C, D & E
Level four - Listen to four keys C, D, E & F
Level five - Listen to five keys C, D, E, F & G 

Events coming up

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  • Online Music Club with OKMT - Making Music with Saucepans

  • Online Music Club with OKMT - Learning 3 Rhythms

  • Online Music Club with OKMT - Hands on the table

  • Musical Games