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Online Videos: Karate for Children

Run by Tony, Sensei
Our karate Sensei, Tony, is pleased to bring his karate moves to you!

Watch these pre-recorded videos from home at a time to suit you and practise these moves in the comfort of your own home.

Tony will teach you how to warm up safely, to do your stretches and then practise your punches and blocks. You may also learn how to count to 10 in Japanese!

Please find a space to use without any dangers and dress comfortably in loose clothing.

Video 1: number 4443, duration 18 minutes

Video 2: number 4495, duration 13 minutes

Do pause the videos at any point to practise your moves!

Our karate classes are kindly funded by Avison Young real estate providers in Richmond

Events coming up

  • Online Karate practice with Tony Wk1

  • Online Karate practice with Tony WK2