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Online videos: Yoga and Relaxation Exercises for Adults with Integral Harmony

Run by Stefan Latanowski
These videos are for adults to practise Yoga and other relaxation techniques with Stefan and Melinda from Integral Harmony - Holistic Therapies & Yoga -

Watch these pre-recorded videos from home at a time to suit you.

"Our quest is to promote harmony and growth in our own lives and in the lives of others.
We see the potential in each individual and are passionate about promoting tools of self discovery.
We feel life is about tuning into your own universal rhythm while progressively opening your body, mind and heart to new possibilities."

Aligned with Love

Melinda & Stefan - Holistic Therapists & Yoga Teachers

The videos include:

4440:       10 minutes of Yoga warming practice with Melinda

4441:        15 minutes of Abdominal Breathing Relaxation practice with Stefan

4461:       15 minutes of Gentle Yoga practice with Melinda

4462:       1 hour of Gentle Intermediate Yoga practice with Stefan

4463:        10 minutes of Om Mani Padme Hum Chanting practice with Melinda and Stefan

4464:        30 minutes of Gentle Postural Movements practice with Stefan

4465:         8 minutes of Guided Expansive Visualisation with Melinda (audio only)

4467:         Our Top 12 Tips for facilitating Yoga with a child with Special Educational Needs

4469:        10 minutes of Core contraction and Arm balancing workout with Stefan

4470:        Fundamental 5 Core Stability 20 minute workout for beginners with Stefan

4471:       9 minutes of Guided Meditation with Melinda (audio)