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1 - 1 Developmental Yoga for children with Frankie on Friday mornings - WAITING LIST

Run by Frankie Arpino

Frankie offers 1:1 yoga classes for children with additional needs at our centre on Friday mornings. We offer the same children a regular slot for half a term at a time.

If you are interested in yoga for your child and can be available on Friday mornings, please put your name down here.

We will contact you if a space becomes available.

Frankie is a Special Yoga senior practitioner. The methodology behind Special Yoga is that all children are special and that all children deserve to experience inner peace, joy, comfort and fulfilment of their potential and purpose. The sessions are about meeting the child exactly as they are & not about how many yoga poses might or might not be achieved, but rather about how settled and relaxed the child feels during and afterwards. In the sessions we explore the classical yoga practices of movement, breathing, deep relaxation combined with sound, rhythm, massage and sensory integration techniques.

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