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Knots Arts indoor "den building" drama and fun session

Run by Knots Arts
At our family fun day children are invited to take part in a special drama session with Heidi, from Knots Arts, who is one of our regular drama class leaders.

This will be a 30 minute session aimed at children aged 7 and above, both children with disabilities and their siblings.

This activity will involve "den building" and creating your own nest/den/castle/kingdom! This takes place inside our building so can go ahead whatever the weather. Children can use a range of materials that we will provide, such as cardboard boxes etc and let their imaginations run wild! The drama will come through story-telling and characterisation.

Grown ups are welcome to take part with them and to help the children as necessary, but can also stay downstairs and have a cup of tea if they prefer!

We are limiting the number of children in each group to about 10. You can book a place in one of these groups here. If you find that you are unable to attend, please cancel your booking and let us know. There will probably be a few extra places for children available on the day too, so please express an interest at the front desk when you arrive.

We hope children will enjoy this creative activity!

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