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EHCP training session

We are pleased to welcome Alex Hardy from RUILS to talk to parents about Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP's).

Alex will talk about what should be in an EHCP, how to write a successful Plan, what to demand and what to avoid and how to get the right school names and the right support in place. The talk is aimed at anyone with an interest in EHCPs, whether you have one, are considering applying, or are simply confused and want more information! All are welcome.

EHCP's were brought in to replace Statements and are a legal document which should guarantee your child who has additional needs the extra support they need at school. As they are a legal document, it is very important that parents and guardians should understand how they work, what they do and how to make them worth the paper they are written on.

Alex will talk you through the Law around the different sections of an EHCP – Needs, Provision, Outcomes, Placement and so on – and how to make them as useful and enforceable as possible, using Parts B and F; how to deal with the Local Authority; how best to approach gathering evidence and how to ensure that it is detailed and specific; what you should know about Annual Reviews; and how to empower yourself to become a successful advocate for your child

Alex Hardy works for the charity RUILS as a SEND advisor. He is also the father of a child with additional needs. RUILS can help families who live in the borough of Richmond, but as this talk is held at Skylarks, anyone from anywhere is welcome to attend.

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  • Friday 29th Nov 2019 9:30 am - 12:00 pm