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Hairdressing for children

Run by Lorraine
Hairdressing: occasional Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings

The lovely Lorraine cuts hair with us about one Tuesday a month from 2.30 to 5pm and occasional Friday mornings from 10am to 12 noon. Parents tell us that she is patient and kind and usually manages to cut the hair of even the most unwilling child. So save yourselves the stress of going to a mainstream barbers or hairdressers and come to a place where your child’s needs will be understood.

We don’t make appointments for hairdressing, as it is hard to know how long each child will need and we don’t want anyone to feel under pressure. But please express an interest in having your child’s hair cut by clicking below and then please sign your name on the list when you arrive and you will be seen in order of arrival. We will do our best to make sure everyone is seen. It is very helpful if you can let us know in advance if you are hoping to have your child’s haircut and roughly what time to expect you, so please just drop us an email or text.

We ask for a minimum £6 donation per haircut, but if you are used to paying more than this, please pay what you feel is appropriate. Pay at the front desk in cash on the day.

We ask parents to understand that they are expressing an interest in the hair cutting service and that they are not guaranteed a place. They are asked to sign up when they arrive at the session as places are allocated on arrival.

We also offer haircuts on occasional Friday mornings too. This session is aimed at pre-school children and children who are not in formal education. Please express an interest in using this service in the same way and sign up on arrival as children will be seen in order of arrival.

Events coming up

  • In 5 days

  • Tuesday 17th Dec 2019 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm This is a paid for event
    This is a drop-in event. You need to sign up on arrival at the session in order to take part. There are spaces for between 6 and 9 children to get your child's hair cut and children are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.