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Skylarks run regular online workshops on a variety of relevant topics.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions during the workshop. But if you have questions about your particular circumstances then we would request that you book an appointment with the SEND Advice Service via 'New request for 1:1 advice'.

Please email if you have any questions.

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Webinar with Independent social work consultant Justin Simon- EHCPs and social care

Wednesday 27th April 10am-12pm

Skylarks SEND Advice service will be hosting this 2 hour webinar with Independent Social Work Consultant Justin Simon to discuss the 'Social Care' element of Education, Health and Care plans (EHCPs). 

Alot of the families I speak to are unaware of their rights when it comes to Social Care for children or young people with Special educational needs. 

Local Authorities should obtain information and advice from Social Care during the EHC Needs assessment process, all too often this fails to happen. 

This talk is predominantly aimed at parents/guardians of children or young people who already have EHCPs or those who are in the process of having an EHC Needs assessment carried out, but all are welcome:

The talk will cover:

  • What is meant by social care in terms of EHCPs?
  • How to request an assessment of social care needs.
  • Who can be assessed and what's involved.
  • What support might be available once the assessment is completed.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the talk

Webinar with Eleanor Wright from SOS!SEN - How to hold your Local Authority to account

Wednesday 23rd May 1pm-3pm.

Skylarks SEND Advice Service will be hosting a 2 hour webinar by Eleanor Wright who is a solicitor from the well regarded charity SOS!SEN

Local Authorities (LA's) should be adhering to a number of legal and statutory duties in order to provide a suitable education for those with SEND. But what happens when your LA are not keeping up their side of the bargain? Skylarks SEND Advice Service will be hosting a 2 hour webinar by Eleanor Wright, a solicitor from the well known charity SOS!SEN who will explain the options available to you.

The talk is aimed at those of you with a child or young person who has an EHCP.

The talk will cover:

  • Your rights and what the LA should be doing
  • How to complain using the LA's processes and what to do next if that doesn't resolve the matter.
  • Judicial Reviews - When you should think about this, the process involved and the pros and cons
  • LGSCO - When this is the best route, the pros and cons
  • The Monitoring Officer- What is it and how do you use it.

Online workshop: Annual reviews of EHCPs

Wednesday June 22nd 10-11.30am.

This is a 90 minute online workshop with our in-house SEND Advice Service manager Michaela Eggleston to talk about Annual Reviews of EHCPs. Numbers are limited to maximise the time to answer questions.

Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) are legally enforceable documents detailing the special educational, health and social care needs of a child or young person (0-25 years of age) and the support required to meet those needs. 

An EHCP should be reviewed within 12 months of first being issued and every 12 months thereafter, or every 3-6 months for children under 5. Interim reviews can also take place if there has been a significant change since the last Annual review. 

This 90 minute workshop will guide you through the following:

  1. When should the Annual review take place and who should organise it;
  2. What is the process that should be followed before, during and after the review;
  3. How to prepare for an Annual review; 
  4. How to request changes are made to the EHCP;
  5. You rights in relation to requesting a specific educational setting is named in an EHCP;
  6. What to do if you are not happy with the result of the Annual review.