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Skylarks are OPEN! We continue to operate in a Covid safe manner and attendance is strictly bookings only. We will not be offering Friday morning sessions for the time being. Online service will continue to be avaliable.

Webinar and Q&A session with Fiona Slomovic about appeals in relation to the contents of EHCPs.

Run by Michaela Eggleston from Skylarks
This webinar and Q&A session on Monday 19th April from 10am - 12pm is limited in numbers so we have time to answer as many questions as possible.

Links to the call will be sent by 5pm 15/4/21. Please email if you do not receive your link by this time.

Please note, we may not be able to answer questions about your specific circumstances as this webinar is intended to give you general advice. There will be time to answer questions after the presentation, but priority will be given to questions sent in advance to (please add 'Webinar' in the subject).

Fiona Slomovic from AMC Ltd has had over 15 years experience in representing families with appeals about decisions made by LA's in relation to their child's Education, Health and Care plans (EHCP).

Skylarks SEND Advice Service is delighted to have partnered with Fiona to present the second of two webinars (the first one is dated 25/3/21 in relation to refusing to carry our needs assessments and refusing to issue an EHCP).

Once an LA agrees to issue an EHCP, you will be sent a draft version to review followed by a final EHCP which is reflective of what the Local Authority (LA) have agreed to in terms of what needs have been identified , the provision required to support those needs and the name of the educational setting the child or young person will attend.

If you do not agree with any of this information, then you may wish to appeal to the SEND First Tier Tribunal . This talk will provide general advice on the following:

  • What should be in an EHCP;
  • What you can appeal;
  • What you need to consider and the type of evidence you may need;
  • The relevant law around naming schools in an EHCP;
  • The appeals process.

We would suggest a donation of £10 to join this webinar in order to enable us to continue to provide our services. This can be paid via this link.

Thank you.

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